Poker Bonus

Most if not all poker sites offer poker bonuses, like, but not all bonuses are created equal – just like not all poker sites are created equal. It can therefore be hard to know which poker bonus is the best one for you. Our site has been designed to help make your quest for the perfect poker site and poker bonus easier. We will help you by providing the information you need to make an informed decision on what poker site to join and what poker bonus to get.

We feature information on the bonus offered by different poker rooms as well as information that will help you evaluate the bonus offers on sites we haven’t looked at our self. We try to primarily feature information on good poker sites with good bonuses, but if we think a bonus or a site is not worthy of your time we will tell you.

Choosing to join a poker room and get a poker bonus should be about a lot more than just the bonus. A lot of different factors in relation to the poker room itself should be answered before you make a decision. You should considered everything from the games offered, traffic, banking options and support, to the requirements that you need to meet to actually get your hands on the bonus. You can read more about choosing a poker bonus and the associated poker room on our page “Choosing a poker room”.

Some sites offer seemingly great bonuses that you unfortunately stand lite chance of actually earning if you are an ordinary hobby player. Other sites have bonuses that are easier to earn and where you can get at least a part of the bonus even if you do not earn all of it. If faced with the choice, it is normally best to pick a bonus that is paid out in increments rather than one where you have to earn all of it to get any of it.

If you prefer a faster hand rate when playing poker online we recommend that you learn to play at multiple tables. There’s a great site explaining the basic strategy of playing multiple tables called MTT poker strategy.

We do not only feature information about regular poker rooms, we also feature information for all those who are looking for info about bonuses that can be used to play casino poker games such as Caribbean stud and Casino hold-em online, as well bonuses that can be used to play video poker. These bonuses are often referred to as casino bonuses as these games are found in online casinos like, (not in poker rooms) but can sometimes also be referred to as poker bonuses or video poker bonuses as well. Those who want to find bonuses for casino poker will usually not have much trouble doing so. Finding a bonus suitable for video poker can on the other hand be a lot harder since most casinos do not count wagers placed on video poker towards the wager requirement needed to earn the bonus. This means that most casino bonuses can’t be used to play video poker as you would never be allowed to withdraw any money. You can read more about this problem on our video poker bonus page.